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Kish Sugar Wax

Quality extracts from quality buds, made with love in BC
Indica Dominant Hybrid | 1g, 3.5g or 7g | Premium Sugar Wax
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Kish Sugar Wax

Best Use
Kish Sugar Wax is the perfect extract for self-reflection and practicing meditation. Users have found these anti-anxiety, mood shaping and stress lifting effects help them to maintain a healthy balance. This extract has also been well known to treat aches, pains and nausea while combating depression, insomnia and poor appetite. Kish Sugar Wax can have sedating and powerful effects on both body and mind, so best to save this wax for when your schedule is free. Kish Sugar Wax offers an amazing hybrid experience.

Kish Sugar Wax has been described as a herbal tasting extract with hints of lemon, wood and finishing with pine and a hint of hashy spice. The nose carries sweeter scents of oranges, grapefruit peel, fresh earthy forest and a hint of tropical mango. Kish Sugar Wax has a notable lemony pine aroma that resembles the familiar and fresh scent of Pine Sol cleaner.

Kish Sugar Wax is a potent extract, beginners should be cautious!


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Kish Sugar Wax

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Kish Sugar Wax
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