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Fire OG | 0.5ml cart

0.5ml cart | 345mg THC
Made with organic THC oil

The Vape Cart Company

Earn 200 Stash Miles


Fire OG | 0.5ml cart

Fire OG Vape Cart

This Vape Cart is made with Pure Core ceramic hardware. Fire OG vape carts by The Vape Cart Company are easy-hitting, mellow vapes you can rely on.

Benefits of THC Vapes

Most vapes users love the easy-to-use, discrete functionality that vape carts provide. Furthermore, you never need to bust up bud, roll a joint, or pack a bowl. The cannabis smell is essentially nonexistent, which is very beneficial for those living around people who are not down with the cannabis scene (NARCS!!!). Lastly, the ease of use is a huge benefit of vaping. Simply make sure your vape pen is charged, screw on your desired flavour, and pull! It’s that simple.

Best used at a low temperature to ensure the highest quality experience.

*You need a vape battery to use Vape Carts. Please be aware carts are 510 threaded.


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Fire OG | 0.5ml cart

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Fire OG | 0.5ml cart